Testing Solutions for all Electrical Components

Electrification Measurement

The testing of vehicles with different levels of electrification (from EV to HEV), the optimization of electrical systems and their components (such as electric motors, batteries and power electronics) under completely new operating conditions and the improvement in the performance are just a few examples of testing challenges in the huge field of electrified powertrains.

AVL Approach

AVL offers test systems for development, durabilty testing and quality assurance for aII components of the electrified powertrain, electric engines, high-voltage batteries and inverters.
AVL is equipped to test all components of the electrified powertrain, both as individual components and within the system. Additionally, the customers are provided with the advantage that the electrical assemblies can be tested together with the entire powertrain of a hybrid vehicle (internal combustion engine, transmission etc.) or with the entire vehicle on the testbed.

Benefits at a Glance

  • AVL Battery Test Systems support a wide range of applications – from basic characterizations according to standard testing procedures (VDA, EUCAR, FreedomCAR) to sophisticated customer-specific evaluations utilizing the AVL Virtual Proving Ground Technology.
  • AVL Electric Motor Test Systems function as complete development, testing, verification and validation environments for different electric motor types (ISG, BSG and Axle Drives). They are used for determining and analyzing electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics.
  • AVL Power Electronics Test Systems serve for complete development, verification and validation of electric drive inverters. There the unit under test is connected with an electric motor emulator on the one hand and the emulation of the battery on the other hand.
  • AVL X-ion™ e-POWER ANALYSIS shows highest flexibility when measuring electric currents and voltages and calculating electric power and efficiency.