The Ease of Automation

AVL PUMA 2™ Production

The robust automation system for e-axle production testing

The shift towards electrified powertrains has led to an increased demand for End of Line (EoL) and Conformity of Production (CoP) testbeds. To meet the requirements of production testing in such modern test fields, we have created AVL PUMA 2™ Production.

This automation system can be used for testing different unit under test types such as e-axle and is tailored to the needs of your production environment.

Safe, Reliable, Accurate

Designed to allow unmanned operation around the clock. PUMA 2 Production ensures that you get the highest levels of productivity, maximizing return on investment.

Statistical data evaluation leads to the highest quality standards for your production line whilst optimising your production process. With its fail-safe and robust design and competitive pricing PUMA 2 Production is the best choice for e-axle testing.