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From configuration to SOP

MOBEO- AVL’s Virtualization Approach

Traditional development methods are fast becoming outdated because of increasing system complexity. At AVL we have come up with an answer to this challenge, and called it MOBEO. This approach is an end-to-end virtual solution with a proven methodology. It includes a comprehensive toolset which has revolutionized the development workflow.

This new process has transformed the physical, hardware-centric development process to allow for simulation technologies and methodologies. These can be applied to various use cases and tailored to your needs. This improves development efficiency by enabling system validation tests at an earlier stage in the development process, before a prototype is required. The major benefit of this approach is that it reduces your need for vehicle prototypes by 20 %, and provides you with highly repeatable conditions in the physical testing environment. This means a wider spectrum of testing conditions are available for the vehicle, driver, and ambient environments. The result is higher test quality, better testbed utilization, and highly automated testing conditions.

The new MOBEO virtualization approach is the key to speeding up complex vehicle development. It can help you shape the future of mobility, from configuration to SOP.

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