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Your independent partner to evolve your future vehicle

Engineering a Brighter Future

Whether it’s passenger cars or commercial vehicles, AVL supports the entire automotive industry towards a new era of mobility by balancing existing and new technologies under consideration of customer and consumer expectations.

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Starting with portfolio and product definition, we offer a broad set of solutions to our customers, from the ideation phase to serial production. Our services include solutions for future vehicle architectures and platforms, powertrains as well as electric/electronic, chassis, thermal and ADAS system integration. Additionally, we perform functional development, vehicle system development, assisted/automated driving and connectivity development. With a unique and detailed understanding that stretches from single components all the way to the complete vehicle, we are able to balance and optimize the overall goals at all levels of the vehicle.

We have a vast and diverse solution portfolio. It includes advanced simulation tools, next-level testbed and measurement devices, connected solutions to exploit the potential of Big Data, and a global network of AVL experts and partners. Together, we are changing the world.

At the sharp edge of innovation, our R&D activities seek out the solutions to tomorrow's challenges today. Supporting your decision making so that you can act with confidence in uncertain times, we tailor our offering to your unique needs. As your partner for future success, from the smallest efficiency gains to the complete vehicle, let us show you the big picture.


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Development Engineering, Services & Products
  • Concept and POC Services
  • Benchmarking and technology scouting
  • Target setting (Vehicle Technical Specification)
  • Attribute Engineering
  • Virtual Concept Development
  • Architecture Engineering
  • CO2/Energy Optimization
  • Demonstrator Vehicles
  • SOP Engineering Development
  • Integration
  • Homologation Support
  • Simulation
  • Calibration
  • Testing, Validation
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Tools
  • AVL-DRIVE, AVL-DRIVE AD, Vehicle Model VSM
Vehicle & Vehicle Systems
  • Vehicle
  • Powertrain
  • Energy Storage
  • Chassis
  • Display
  • E/E & HMI
  • Thermal and HVAC
  • ADAS & AD
  • Body
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Lighting
Vehicle Functions
  • Vehicle Energy Management, Operation & Charging Strategy
  • Emissions and OBD
  • Performance, Driveability Powertrain functions
  • Vehicle Dynamics, Stability, Deceleration, Ride Comfort
  • Vehicle NVH, AVAS
  • Vehicle Thermal Comfort
  • Connectivity functions
  • ADAS features and functions
  • Vehicle safety (active/passive)
  • Vehicle Functional Safety
  • Aerodynamics
  • Vehicle Operational Strength, Durability
  • Vehicle Corrosion & Tightness
Vehicle Development Targets/Attributes
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Charging Performance & Efficiency
  • Performance
  • Driveability
  • Off-Road & All Weather Driving Capabilities
  • Handling
  • Ride and Seat Comfort
  • Interior Sound/NVH & AVAS
  • Thermal Performance and Efficiency
  • Thermal Comfort
  • ADAS/AD Quality
  • Perceived safety
  • Active / Passive Safety Rating
  • Connectivity Features and Cyber Security
  • HMI Quality and User Expierence
  • Dimensions, Space & Roominess
  • Driving Resistance/Friction
  • Weight (Vehicle, System, Components)
  • Environmental Footprint
  • System and Component Commonality
  • Costs (Vehicle, System, Components)
  • Control & Controller Quality
  • Cable Routing and High Voltage Layout
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