Evaluate & Calibrate


Modern powertrain development creates significant challenges for the automotive industry. Essential vehicle attributes - performance, dynamics, fuel consumption, emissions and acoustics - depend on an optimized tuning of the control units. On the one hand, those calibration tasks are becoming more complex but on the other hand, optimal results in a shorter amount of time are demanded. To cover the wide range of tasks in their daily work, calibration engineers need efficient tools to put new methods into practice.

AVL Approach

Steady results in solving all calibration tasks require modern software tools that meet the complexity of the tasks and applications. During their usage within the development process, those tools have to meet requirements like data quality, reproducibility, stability and safety.

The aspired and necessary efficiency of calibration workflows demands permanent derivatives of methods. AVL has a long-time experience and is leading in the development of high-performance tools and methods in XCU calibration. Our aim is to provide a complete workflow for each single calibration task. A significant increase in efficiency when using AVL calibration software has been proved in worldwide practical usage.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Software tools to support development engineers during the entire calibration workflow
  • The complex influences of XCU parameters are easier to manage
  • Models can be reused throughout the different stages of the development process
  • Full utilization of the test facility due to intelligent test runs – even in unmanned 24-hour operation
  • Tools are supported and maintained on a global scale (roll-out capability for test facilities and different locations)
  • Development focus on calibration tasks instead of on the development of calibration tools