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Passenger Car - Transmission Controls

Modern powertrains structures are getting more and more complex. To manage this complexity cutting edge technologies in the control domain have to be established. AVL is ready to deliver controls and software for all future transmission topologies.

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AVL Solution

  • Process to support software development from start until the series production
  • General consulting on the needs according to the different markets
  • Robust and verified architecture which can be used for different transmission and power train configurations
  • Architectural compatibility with electrified systems
  • Transmission Software Concept designs
  • Advanced testing strategies for software and functional development
  • Plant model integrated development
  • Safety development
  • Joint development with customers
  • Fast and robust prototype solutions for concept verifications
  • Control strategy designs for new transmission concepts from scratch

Transmission Control Software-Solution

AVL Approach

Based on decades of engineering experience AVL is the only independent powertrain, which is able to provide engineering solutions at all levels. With the experience gained over years over the complete powertrain, advanced methodologies and state of art tools have been developed to support the latest transmission and hybrid market requirements.

AVL's unique transmission control architecture is a perfect example of AVL's expertise on transmission controls. Unique AVL architecture enables customers to use AVL application software for varying drive train configurations equipped with different transmissions.

Recent years clarified that the challenge for software development is not only technical but also processes required to fulfill the increasing demand on safety and robustness. Accordingly AVL developed a unified software process which is applicable for projects with different scopes or demands, starting from concept verification to the serial production.

As a result of technical and process perfection, the development environment can also be easily shared with customer's organizations locally or even globally, which enables successful joint development projects.

An answer to the market challenges is given by AVL's development processes, advanced offline/online testing procedures and deep down transmission control knowledge with the extended expertise combined from different disciplines.

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Market Requirements

Modern Powertrains are gaining more and more attention due to the growing challenges of Fuel Economy and CO2. To fulfill these challenging requirements, new transmission structures e.g. integrated electrical machines, multi element shifts etc. are currently being developed which require complex control strategies with cutting edge technologies in control domain. Also automated transmission market is expanding to the new markets which require both comfortability and efficient powertrains.

Further challenges like shorter development periods, safety demands, robustness and increasing diversifications have to be managed with cost considerations.

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Customer Benefits

  • One global independent software and control development partner who is able to handle all the 5 elements of modern powertrains (battery, e-machine, engine, transmission & controls)
  • Years of powertrain development at your disposal ready to refine your global future powertrain portfolio



Currently over 5 running SOP software development projects for AT, DCT and Hybrid powertrain applications.

On top a wide range and variety of prototype development projects are / have been successfully executed.

Further and more detailed references are available but not released for public.