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AVL Training Formats

High-quality, application-oriented training formats

At AVL we offer you the chance to achieve the skillset you’ve been aiming for and gain knowledge through a variety of different training methods. From face-to-face training courses to blended training solutions, with this know-how you will be competent, safe and reliable when operating any of our test systems.

Face-to-face Training

At AVL’s Skills Center we put the emphasis on first-hand experience and on supplying you with the practical skills necessary. You will develop theory and solution-oriented practices in small groups of up to six participants. This training format is dedicated to your organization (date and venue according to agreement, customization possible), charged on a per training course basis.

Alternatively, you could need fast and economical access to training for only a few trainees – charged on a per trainee basis. In this case you might be interested in signing up for one of our single seats in our AVL open training courses. Explore AVL Open Training and Seminars for more detailed information.



Get an overview on our existing and cutting-edge technologies, application and testing topics. Our experts can deliver theory lectures for groups of up to fifteen participants on various topics such as electrification, RDE, emission regulations, testing tasks and much more.

Browse our AVL eShop™ to find seminars for your team, or sign up for single seats in our AVL open seminars. If you wish to be independent and cost-effective, go to AVL Webinar Series and register for one of our webinars. These offer a very basic and compact introduction to a variety of topics streamed via the web.


Blended Training

Stay productive while gaining the required skills and knowledge on the go. We offer a blend of established training methods (face-to-face and remote) combined with smart training formats such as tutorials, solution examples and simulator environments. These allow trainees to go on a guided learning journey. This tailored training program covers all your needs, plotting the right journey for you and your team.


Application Training

When our trainers work with you, they focus on your use cases, your environment and your requirements. This enables you to achieve your goals quickly, while learning on-the-job. Master your individual toolchain and achieve confidence and competence with the help of our solution-oriented experts. Additionally, for complex and one-off requirements, we provide application support to complete specific tasks in your environment.
Explore AVL Application Support for more detailed information.

Do you have any further questions? Contact your local AVL Service Organization and Sales Team. Let us help you get the right education and support for your needs.

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AVL Skills Center Training

Training courses for AVL Instrumentation and Test Systems tailor-made to your specific needs, in a perfect environment for fast and efficient learning

Get powered up to safely and effectively operate AVL equipment and competently perform a wide range of testing tasks. We offer a comprehensive...


Application Support

Assisting you ‘on the job’ with AVL testing equipment for your specific testing applications, AVL Application Support is a practical,...