Exploring the Limits with Maximum Safety

AVL Battery Test Systems

Evaluating Electrochemical Energy Storage

Evaluating Electrochemical Energy Storage AVL battery test systems support the evaluation and lifetime investigation of electrochemical energy...

Develop, Test and Validate

AVL E-Drive Test Systems

AVL has a great deal of experience in the development of e-motor test systems and continues to lead the way. This garnered know-how is put into...

Making the difference in component testing

AVL Inverter TS™

Full test coverage for drive inverters

Designed to develop and validate your inverter and optimize its impact at an early development stage, AVL’s Inverter TS will make your testing...

For Electric Propulsion Systems

AVL E-Integration Solutions

For Electric Propulsion Systems The AVL e-Integration Test System closes the gap between component and powertrain testing, enabling the powertrain...

Strength in Testing

AVL Traditional Testbed Upgrades

Repurpose Your Test Infrastructure for the Electrified Powertrain

Test and Validate Your Electric Powertrain With over 60 years’ experience in the development of all kinds of powertrain systems, AVL brings an...
Inertia simulation is available from 5kg up to 450kg for speeds up to 250km/h and covering Euro 6 and Tier4 emission standards.

Proven Industrial Standard for Validation of Ride Comfort

Driveability Optimization of Motorcycles

Objective Analysis and Verification of Calibration Quality

AVL-DRIVE is a fully automatic real-time measurement tool for analyzing and scoring vehicle drive quality, also know as “Driveability”. This unique...

Where Testing meets Virtual


Connecting development activities for a seamless workflow

Testbed.CONNECT™ is an open execution platform that connects simulation models to the test field.

Emission testing, simplified

AVL iGEM 2™ – Efficient Emission Test Automation

Our cutting-edge emission test execution and data procession tool

AVL iGEM 2™ for engine testing is an emission application solution based on the powerful platform of AVL PUMA Open 2™ for test execution and AVL...

E-miles Ahead


Your solution for electrification - Power Analyzer

The AVL X-ion™ e-Power analysis system is a new modular data acquisition platform that is optimized for electric and hybrid applications. It gives...

Fascination has a new dimension


A revolutionary new approach to exhaust gas measurement

The AVL AMA SL™ is a high-end exhaust measurement system, revolutionizing emission testing for engine exhaust gas measurement.
Modern powertrain development creates significant challenges for the automotive industry. Essential vehicle attributes - performance, dynamics,...