Vehicle testing under environmental conditions in a (climatic) wind tunnel

Wind Tunnel Test System

Varying climatic situations affecting the vehicle are tested in a wind tunnel while simulating road load conditions on a chassis dynamometer.

AVL Approach

Chassis Dynamometer
The chassis dynamometer is suitable to perform various road load conditions, control modes and legislative quality assurance procedures. It is designed to test the vehicle in twin axle operation at various road speed settings.

The AVL ROADSIM chassis dynamometer includes a calibration device for the accurate tractive force measurement system, a fan for the AC-drive and a special metal roller surface for simulating realistic road load conditions. The chassis dynamometer controller VECON provides the fundamental control function for transient testing modes and monitors the vehicle.

Optional Baseline Measurement
The baseline measurement includes thermocouples, temperature sensors, pressure and a speed input as well as digital I/O to cover basic vehicle measuring tasks. Those transducers are connected to AVL I/O modules, which also belong to the module baseline measurement. They are specifically designed for the demanding operating conditions of vehicle outdoor testbeds and are housed in a boom box mounted on a movable cable boom, which can be positioned close to the vehicle.

Test System Mechanics
The test system mechanics include a suitable sized and robustly designed vehicle restraint system and an optional vehicle monitoring system. The vehicle position monitoring system alerts the user of any movement of the test vehicles position. The restraint system on front and rear of the vehicle allows high dynamic acceleration and deceleration during test runs. Alternatively, a bar system is available.

System Integration and Start-Up Service
The system integration services contain all services for an efficient project execution from project kick-off until final acceptance. In addition, a pre-acceptance on AVL site and FOB packing and transport can be chosen. With the 'extended start up services' extension, the user can be supported in achieving their initial knowledge level for optimal system operation.

Market Requirements

If realistic air flow tests must be performed on the vehicle, (climatic) wind tunnels are

used in combination with chassis dynamometers. The following functionalities can now also be tested:

  • Soiling (e.g. discs, brakes)
  • Analysis of exhaust system with real air flow
  • Brake functionality (e.g. in relation to temperature with realistic cooling)
  • Thermal management

Heat inputs must be avoided in climatic wind tunnels.

Technical Data





Vehicle types supported

Range from all-terrain over light-duty and medium-duty up to commercial vehicles with front wheel and/or rear wheel driven axle. Alternative technical configurations are available upon request.

Nominal power in motoring mode1

Various configurations available

Nominal tractive force in motoring mode1

Various configurations available

Max. speed


Max. axle load

Various configurations available