Virtual Vehicles for real demands

Vehicle Simulation

Today's multi-system vehicle powertrain concepts are pushing the complexity of system simulation models to the extreme. The wide and continuously growing selection of different vehicle, engine and transmission types demands tools for greater efficiency and quality in the development.

AVL Approach

Before a prototype of a new vehicle is built, the components and subsystems exist as simulation models. Beside the powertrain also components like engine mounts, drive shafts, suspension, wheels and tires are simulated in order to predict the whole vehicle's behavior during various driving conditions. AVL uses these simulation models for testing the components in the office as well as on the testbed.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Support during Vehicle concept development and verification
  • Optimization of vehicle modules with the focus on over all vehicle functionality
  • Frontloading of powertrain calibration tasks from road to office and testbed
  • Virtual pre-optimization of vehicle and drivetrain components in the office and on the testbed
  • Virtual replacement of hardware components based on the testing environment
  • Detailed virtual vehicle model guaranties best correlation to road testing