Test Station_TI

The perfect symbiosis of control station and office desk

AVL Teststation

AVL's highly flexible operating room concept considers the constantly changing requirements and work situations when executing engine and powertrain tests.

AVL Approach

AVL facilitates the combination of control room components with office furniture; hence a flowing transition between test stand operation and office area is no longer a problem. Ergonomic as well as functional requirements are perfectly fulfilled by the process-oriented design.

The modular and variable system can easily be adapted at any time to new workflows or spatial requirements. In addition, compact and intelligent solutions are available particularly for cramped space conditions (e.g. container testbeds).

Benefits at a Glance

  • Ergonomic accessibility and optimal use of space
  • Industrial and EMC compliant design
  • Patented modular design for easy extension

Market Requirements

The customer requires a technical outfitting that can be adapted to both the specific space and work situation. In addition, the equipment should be easily expandable where necessary. With modern test-bed concepts including video systems particular importance is also given to simple design for freestanding space solutions.

Technical Data

Basis module:

  • Available installation depth for electronic components: approx. 250 mm


  • Electronic installation area: 19" / 12HU
  • Available installation depth: approx. 570 mm