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AVL Ripple Emulator™

Ripple emulation for battery, fuel cell, inverter and component testing

Batteries are one of the key components in modern powertrain configurations like hybrid, pure electric and fuel cell powered vehicles. As such, OEMs need to be thoroughly tested before they can be operated. The same applies to all other components of the electric vehicle’s DC bus.

However, the emulated currents on a testbed and the signals measured in a real vehicle are different, mostly due to the high dynamic background noise (aka ripple) of the inverters. Depending on the noise level, the lifetime of the battery may be affected, or a component may fail from its stable operation.

This is why OEMs come up with specific testing standards like LV123, a testing directive, by European OEMs, focusing on the electrical characteristics of HV components in electric vehicles. Our AVL Ripple Emulator also follows other standards like: LV124, LV148, VW80300, VW80303, ISO 16750 and ISO 21498. Manufacturers covering these directives benefit among other things from a systematic testing approach and a clear definition of testing parameters. Making product qualification comprehensible and comparable.

To support efficiently, we have designed the new AVL Ripple Emulator, a ripple generator for HV component testing.

An Effective and Automated Test Setup

The AVL Ripple Emulator is fully compatible with any AVL E-STORAGE DC source and works with your existing testing equipment. Both solutions, the Ripple Emulator and the AVL E-STORAGE BTE™ seamlessly integrate into the AVL tool landscape for an even more effective and automated test setup.

The AVL E-STORAGE BTE DC source features an internal ripple emulator that operates up to 2 kHz. Additionally, the AVL Ripple Emulator has been designed to add AC currents with frequencies up to 200 kHz to an existing DC bus. When working together, these two devices form an outstanding solution that can control the ripple directly at the unit-under-test. You can also use them as a broadband and powerful signal source for measurements of complex impedances.

Key Benefits

  • Easy installation in existing testing equipment and tested compatibility with AVL E-STORAGE™ DC supplies and AVL Cell Tester™
  • AVL-patented coupling network and current control directly at the test item
  • Flexibility: Mobile design for higher device utilization
  • Generated HV voltage ripple as well as System HV voltage ripple
  • Standardized for: LV123, LV124, VW80300, VW 80303, MBN11123, PV8450, ISO 16750 and ISO 21498