PUMA Open FlexiCart_TI

Shifting test run preparation to the office

AVL PUMA Open FlexiCart™

The functions of PUMA Open FlexiCart™ range from use as a simulator in the office, to real test operation on an existing testbed.

AVL Approach

When using the PUMA Open FlexiCart™ as a simulator, the customer is able to prepare and test sets of parameters and test runs for real test operation upfront in the office. The PUMA Open FlexiCart™ is delivered with all the required hardware components in order to be able to start simulation operation right away.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Parameter and test run preparation in the office
  • Training of customer's staff in the office
  • AVL PUMA OpenTM test operation on a real testbed during the "migration" test phase

Market Requirements

In order to increase productive testbed usage, more and more customers are frontloading preparation work to the office and furthering their personnel's AVL PUMA OpenTM qualifications in an ideal training environment.

Technical Data

Consisting of:

  • 1 moveable "PUMA Open FlexiCart™, 19", 22/20 HE
  • 2 AVL F-FEM data acquisition modules