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Managed sustainability

AVL Energy Management

AVL Theia, Emos and Leos: Software Solutions for the highly efficient management of energy in tech centers

Organizations aiming to comply with standards such as ISO 50001 require contributions to environmental protection, the reduction of gaseous emissions and sustainability. New processes, methodologies, regulations and the management of data all add to the complexity of running a tech center.


One of the factors to be monitored to ensure the successful operation of a tech center is the cost of energy. The key to identifying potential areas of improvement is a thorough understanding of the energy flows and running costs.
This understanding must be translated into the measures required to optimize energy consumption, reduce the carbon footprint, support power management, and minimize costs.
AVL THEIA, our Tech Center Environment Intelligent Automation System is a SCADA-based platform with a software layer that acts as the basis for the following energy optimizing solutions:
AVL EMOS: Energy Monitoring System to optimize power consumption
AVL LEOS: Energy Load Management System to support power management


AVL EMOS – Energy monitoring system
Using the implemented power meters, we are monitoring the consumed power of the equipment in a complete test field. Based on this information, using our software, we forecast the energy consumption of a scheduled test and validate the test schedule in order to avoid excess energy consumption. Energy consumption has a direct impact on the investment, e.g. transformer sizing and electrical energy frame contract and on the operative costs of a technical center. In the design phase of a test center, the power plant must be sized according to the intended operating scenarios. The energy costs need to be optimized by considering the following:

  • Variable costs are proportional to consumed kWh.
  • Fixed costs are proportional to max. kW contracted to the DNO (Distribution Network Operator).
  • Costs charged by the DNO for excess of the max kW contracted.

AVL LEOS – Energy load management system
AVL LEOS optimizes the scheduling of test sequences between different test beds. The main features of this solution are:

  • Offline pre-planning and online planning.
  • Test cell priority modification by pausing or stopping tests if the power consumption exceeds a maximum value.
  • Bypass mode in case the load management functionality needs to be temporarily disabled.