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Driving quality in innovation

AVL E-Axle TS™ End of Line

Testing for electric drive applications

Based on years of R&D and production experience, we have created AVL E-Axle TS™ End of Line. It delivers End of Line (EOL) and Conformity of Production (COP) testing for electric drive applications, from passenger cars to high-performance vehicles, as well as, for industrial applications.

Based on a modular design, it is ideal for all kinds of production workflows. This includes everything from manual loading to pass-through conveyor solutions.

Facing Challenges with Technology

Increasingly stringent emissions legislation and market demands for performance are accelerating the rate of automotive innovation. New electrified powertrain technologies and testing requirements are also driving complexity and the development effort. To tackle challenges like this, and to keep costs and time-to-market down while maintaining quality, requires new solutions.

At AVL we constantly develop tools and systems to help OEMs optimize their workflow and deliver value to their customers. This is exactly what we aim to do with E-Axle TS

AVL E-Axle TS End of Line is designed to ensure high standards in the manufacture of e-motor and integrated e-drive units. And at the same time, it is a flexible and compact system, which keeps the needs of the user in mind. A small footprint coupled with user and maintenance-friendly design allows it to fit seamlessly into your existing production layout.


Comprehensive Quality Assurance

E-Axle TS delivers a thorough range of tests, which ensures that your end-product meets the highest levels of quality. It complies with the toughest industry standards (such as ISO 6469-3, IEC60664, and LV123) and helps you set and meet your targets.

The system has a focus on frontloading and assembly quality. This includes the coupling between the inverter, e-motor and mechanical transmission. Furthermore, it delivers robust and accurate results quickly, thanks to a series of time and cost-saving features.

Featuring a customizable level of automation, optimized test cycles, all the required electrical connections and a rigging kit, the entire package delivers speed and efficiency. It is a powerful solution, based around a philosophy of simplicity.


Why Choose AVL?

At AVL, all of our products and services benefit from seven decades of automotive development experience. We also develop all our solutions in-house. Our testing competence features automation technology for test processes and evaluation, smart failure analysis and production data analysis.

Safety, functionality and performance are three pillars which support our design methodology. Our global footprint, local support teams and tailored solutions makes us the ideal partner for a diverse and changing industry.