Transform your support

AVL Case Management

An innovative system to efficiently solve service requests

AVL Case Management is an online portal which helps the test field support manager and on-site team. It enables them to efficiently solve service requests related to AVL test systems and instrumentation.

An Efficient Way of Working

An overview of current cases displaying solution status and progress ,and the ability to view relevant customer directions ensure efficient working. The joint platform works on a single source of truth principle (SSOT), which documents commitments and results to avoid redundant communication with AVL support organizations.

How Does it Work?

The case history provides a solution database which can be used to reduce the time-to-solution as well as support ongoing improvement efforts. Dashboards and customizable reports enable high-level information visibility and facilitate fact-based communication with test operations, management and AVL.

AVL Case Management is ready to use; no setup or installation is required. Furthermore, it is fully integrated into AVL’s core processes and the AVL Digital Services tool landscape.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Transparent and complete view of AVL-relevant service cases
  • Traceability of historic information (e.g. for statistical evaluations)
  • Dependable interaction and avoidance of redundant communication
  • Fact-based, unambiguous interaction (SSOT)