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Reliable and robust measuring equipment

AVL Smoke Meter

A filter-type smoke meter for the measurement of soot content

Increasingly stringent emissions regulations for combustion engines are the main reason for the drive towards high-performance emission measurement tools. This also raises new challenges.

Some applications, such as durability tests, require reliable and robust measuring equipment. Others require high accuracy and a very low detection limit, such as engines with diesel particulate filter systems (DPF) that emit very little soot. Moreover, OEMs are looking to keep the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their measuring equipment as low as possible. We have developed the AVL Smoke Meter to meet all of these requirements.

How Does it Work?

The AVL Smoke Meter uses the filter paper method to determine filter smoke number (FSN defined according to ISO 10054) and soot concentration in mg/m3. The variable sampling volume and thermal conditioning of the exhaust gas ensures an extremely high reproducibility and a wide range of applications. This innovative tool can measure emissions in both large/heavy-duty engines as well as in smaller engines installed in passenger cars.

The main areas of application are combustion optimization on prototype engines, and emission monitoring up to the start of series production and thereafter. In addition, the instrument can perform soot or black carbon mass concentration measurements in raw exhaust gas (e.g. upstream of a DPF) in line with ISO 8178-3 standards. With its easy integration into an automation system and remote maintenance options, the AVL Smoke Meter reduces operating costs, service times and training periods.


Measurements with High Reproducibility

The AVL Smoke Meter has a shop air purge option. It allows you to purge the entire gas path with shop air from the inlet to the measurement block, back to the sampling probe. It offers a higher pressure compared to purging with the diaphragm pump. This has the key advantage of reducing particulate deposits in the device as well as in the sample lines. Therefore, purging with compressed air ensures a higher reproducibility of measured values and reduces hang-up effects.


Remaining Paper Indicator for Seamless Operation

The AVL Smoke Meter has a remaining filter paper indicator on the front of the housing. The light-emitting diodes indicate when the paper supply is low. This makes it easier for you to know when to replace the paper roll, for example, before a durability test.


Altitude Simulations and Measurements

The AVL Smoke Meter also enables altitude simulations, using low pressure in the exhaust gas system and measurements up to 5,000 m above sea level. For low pressure simulations, you can enter the simulated pressure via the software. For real altitude measurements, an integrated absolute pressure sensor will take over this task.