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Quality on time


Ensuring the product that comes off the production line meets the specified product characteristics is a vitally important part of the production process. At AVL we develop solutions which meet the highest of expectations.

Quality Audit
The Quality Audit (QA) engine test system can be integrated into the production process as part of a holistic quality assurance concept to ensure both product and production process quality. The robust and reliable test system for dedicated samples delivers specific test profiles for extended tests, e.g. with original exhaust systems, data evaluation, common database and ease of use in a single package.

Conformity of Production
The AVL COP (Conformity of Production) test system includes all necessary measurement devices and test setup conditions according to ECE regulations. Specific test procedures with samples taken from the production line provide formal proof that the manufactured engine fulfills specifications according to type approval.


  • ACCURATE: Reliable test results thanks to best-in-class test data on R&D level
  • ON-TIME: Guaranteed testing capacity ensures SOP
  • ROBUST: Our hardware and software ensure up to 99 % test system availability
  • FLEXIBLE: Easily integrated test systems safeguard a stable production process