Quality on Time


To handle the increasing complexity in combustion engines and avoid costly recalls, OEMs need consistent and smart testing methods that consider the manufacturing and assembling process. AVL’s holistic quality assurance concept delivers a turnkey solution (AVL Tech Center) that ensures best-in-class engine and process quality verification.

Performance Test After Assembly
To meet the special requirements of high production volume, we have created the EOL HOT Test System – a turnkey solution for gasoline, diesel and CNG engines in passenger cars, as well as commercial light-duty and heavy-duty, on-road and off-road. Its semi and fully automatic processes for engine positioning and media connections (including engine fill and drain functions) guarantee ease of use and even shortest possible test cycle times.

AVL Delivers:

  • ON-TIME: Guaranteed testing capacity ensures SOP
  • ROBUST: Our hardware and software ensure up to 99 % test system availability
  • FLEXIBLE: Easily integrated test systems safeguard a stable production process
  • ACCURATE: Reliable test results thanks to best-in-class test data on R&D level