Master power flow and energy distribution

AVL X-meter™

Instant, accurate energy and power measurement

The secret to a well-designed, highly efficient battery electric or hybrid vehicle with low total emissions and CO2 footprint lies not just in the optimization of the individual vehicle components. It also lies in a power and energy management strategy that enables these components to work together and support each other. This is what leads to exceptional efficiency, performance, duty cycles and longevity of the vehicle.

To measure these component interactions, we have created the AVL X-meter™. This multi-channel device can measure up to 10 different electrical loads and sources, including batteries, external charging stations, generators and recuperating devices, to calculate electrical power and energy flow instantly and accurately.
The system can be operated as a stand-alone unit with only minimal user input for parameterization. Data processing and calculations are done in the device itself with the results transferred to data management solutions such as PEMS (portable emission measurement system) or AVL PUMA™ via standard CAN or Ethernet connections.

Operational Flexibility
The input channels of the AVL X-meter™ can be assigned and parameterized according to customer needs thanks to a web browser user interface. Signal RMS values, instantaneous power or integrated electrical energy calculations can be freely defined, and their results streamed through CAN or Ethernet interfaces to other data acquisition devices. These devices include AVL PUMA™, AVL iGEM™, and ETAS INCA™. Compatibility with other systems is possible.

Traceability, Accuracy and Repeatability
To ensure the data traceability of the equipment used, the system offers automatic checks for fast and error-proof device identification and auto parameterization. System accuracy is better than <0.06% resulting in accurate and valuable data. We offer calibration and recalibration services for devices and individual sensors at independent certified institutions.

Safety First
Designed with safety in mind, the AVL X-meter™ ensures that operators are protected from high-voltage lines at all times. The length of high-power lines can be minimized thanks to the new high voltage probe. The probe itself can be placed close to the high voltage electrodes of the battery, safely protected and out of reach of the driver or test operator. The connection from the high voltage probe to the AVL X-meter™ is done with a signal cable that carries only safe, low-power signals. Mandatory protective ground connections are clearly labeled and ensure safe and trouble-free operation.

Additional features include:

  • The highest possible accuracy and repeatability in real-life on-road testing
  • Use in either stand-alone (SL) mode or optional IndiCom mode