AVL ROADSIM Chassis Dynamometers

A complete test system for the verification of all kinds of vehicles used for road applications in compliance with today's - and future - worldwide standards.

AVL Approach

For small motorcycles up to high tractive force truck applications, aligned hardware and software modules are compiled to tailored test system solutions. The cradle-mounted motors arranged beside or between the rollers electrically simulate the requested road load condition.

Emission Testing
The international exhaust emission regulations specify vehicle chassis dynamometer testbeds for exhaust gas analysis in such a detailed manner that standards have been established for this application.

Mileage Accumulation
Mileage accumulation testing represents an important part in the development and approval of vehicles and their components. The main focus of mileage accumulation testbeds is endurance testing of the complete vehicle.

R&D Testing
The growing complexity of the powertrain management systems and the close interaction of engine and transmission control unit (ECU and TCU) in combination with emission legislations often require a joint R&D testing.

Noise, Vibration and Harshness Testing (NVH)
The main purpose of NVH testing is the reduction and quality assurance of the interior and exterior vehicle noise. Stable environmental condition, in conjunction with precisely applied road load simulations, allow for highly efficient trouble-shooting on the chassis dynamometer. Exchangeable roller surfaces allow for the simulation of real road textures.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing (EMC)

The EMC tests can be grouped into:

  • Tests dedicated to measure the emissions of the test specimen
  • Tests dedicated to verify the immunity of the test specimen

AVL has more than 25 years of experience in building test beds for electromagnetic compatibility testing. Along with the exact simulation of road load conditions, the orientation of the vehicle with regard to the antenna is crucial.

Modernization of existing Chassis Dynamometers
AVL Zöllner has built decades of experience regarding the modernization of existing AVL and non-AVL chassis dynamometers. Preconfigured, proven worldwide solutions guarantee a cost-efficient refurbishment.