Multiple systems, one result – in sync

AVL MultiSync Technology™

AVL´s future-proof design of a test environment

With the growing complexity of the electrified powertrain and increasingly stringent legislative and market demands, the automotive test field can easily become challenging. Tackling increased testing requirements and managing calibration processes on multiple testbed types increases development time and effort, so effective throughput of the test field is more important than ever.

Working in Synchronization

To optimize and future proof the test field, AVL MultiSync Technology™ brings together several of our powerful automation tools, enabling cross-system communication and error-free operation. Its simple set-up process makes it easy to use and allows for changes to be made on one system and to be synchronized across all the others in a single step.

Enabling standardized testbed setup and the creation of a state-of-the-art test field, our MultiSync Technology solution delivers results in a single place.

The AVL powertrain testing tools used in our MultiSync Technology include:

  • AVL PUMA 2™
  • AVL CAMEO 4™
  • AVL IndiCom 2™
  • AVL PUMA 2™ Share