The smart way to measure PM on board


Portable on-board soot and PM measurement device

While model and testbed-based testing provides a host of invaluable benefits to the automotive development workflow, there is still a real need for testing on the road. Meeting global emissions and particulate matter (PM) standards for in-use testing requires a solution that is dynamic, portable and comprehensive. At AVL we have such a solution.

The Next Level in Portable Emission Measurement

The AVL M.O.V.E PM PEMS iX is built to address the toughest emissions standards, such as the US EPA heavy-duty in-use testing (HDIUT) legislation. Compact and robust, it is ideal for development tasks such as the creation and validation of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) soot-loading model.

Combining the time-resolved photo-acoustic soot measurement principle, which already features in the MSSplus AVL Micro Soot Sensor, with gravimetric PM measurement, it is highly accurate. Based on the flexible AVL M.O.V.E in-vehicle testing platform, it features a low detection limit of 1 µg/m³, and is highly expandable. Thanks to the AVL M.O.V.E in-vehicle testing platform the AVL PM PEMS iX is expandable with additional measuring equipment, additional sensors and access to the vehicle CAN bus, making it a complete and integrated solution for PEMS testing.

Designed Around the User

Whatever emission measurement activity you’re undertaking, whether it’s calibration and optimization or validation and verification, it is a valuable measurement device. And with improved serviceability, the possibility of a longer lifetime for this real driving emissions (RDE) measurement device offers cost effectiveness.

Proven in various projects and with customers around the world, it is a comprehensive and complete testing solution.

Product Highlights:


  • Compliant with US EPA standards for heavy-duty in-use testing (HDIUT)
  • Enables validation of the PM loading of the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) through usage of the gravimetric PM PEMS filter without costly removal and weighing of the DPF
  • Compatible with AVL M.O.V.E in-vehicle testing platform
  • Expandable to a complete and integrated solution for PEMS testing.
  • Robustness proven in multiple evaluation projects and in customer projects

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A fast integration in the proven AVL M.O.V.E in-vehicle testing platform enables a seamless post-processing via Concerto M.O.V.E.