AVL KMA Mobile

The AVL KMA Mobile sets new standards for in-vehicle fuel consumption measurement in terms of accuracy, flexibility and reliability.

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AVL Approach

The universal in-vehicle fuel consumption measurement system AVL KMA Mobile is used for road testing as well as on chassis dynamometer test beds. It enables the continuous measurement of instantaneous flow rates from 0.16 l/h to 300 l/h covering the range from small passenger cars to commercial vehicles up to large off-road vehicle applications with engines of up to 1000 kW. The measuring module provides a universal solution for return-less engines of any type. The Conditioning Module is required for engines with a return flow to the tank. With several configurations it covers all common types and sizes of fuel delivery systems. High accuracy and resolution of the PLU flow sensor provide unique dynamic measurement capability for transient test conditions.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Precise transient consumption data due to high sensor accuracy and reproducibility
  • No influence on the engine performance due to zero pressure drop across the meter
  • High flexibility due to large ranges in fuel consumption, fuel circulation, engine feed pressure and engine return pressure
  • Simple setup and handling due to modular design
  • Robustness and long-term stability of the calibration

Technical Data

AVL KMA Mobile Fuel Consumption Measurement System

Technical Details KMA MOBILE


AVL KMA Mobile

Measurement principle:


Measurement range: 

Type   75:   0.16 …   75 l/h           0.12 ...   56 kg/h*

Type 150:   0.35 … 150 l/h           0.26 ... 110 kg/h*

Type 300:   0.80 … 300 l/h           0.6   ... 225 kg/h*


3.400…840 pulses/cm³

Measurement uncertainty: 
Volume / mass 

≤ 0.1 % (acc. to DIN 1319)
1 g/dm³ 

Interfaces / output signal:

RS 232 with AK-protocol

Analog 0…10V (option)

Frequency (up to 80 kHz) TTL, Open collector, RS 422

Response time:

< 125 ms  acc. to ISO 16183 (T10 ... T90)

Ambient temperature:

-10 … +50 °C

Fuel types: 

Commercially available gasoline and diesel fuels; alcoholic additives (methanol, ethanol) up to 100% (device must be flushed after use with biodiesel)

Conditioning Module Gasoline version: up to 20% alcoholic additives (Methanol, Ethanol)

Media temperature:

-10 … +60 °C

Engine feed pressure: 

0.3 … 5 bar

Fuel circulation quantities:

200 / 400 / 600 l/h***)

Power supply:

12 V DC, 24 V DC (optional)

Dimensions (W x H x D):

approx. 470 x 360 x 550 mm


35 kg 

*) at fuel density of 0.75 g/cm³

**) With max. 20% alcohol and up to 10% bio diesel
***) Depending on number of pumps

Measuring Principle

PLU Measurement Principle
The PLU positive displacement meter combines a servo-controlled gear counter with a dynamic piston sensor. A gear meter (2) driven by a servo motor (7) with encoder (8) defines a geometric volume to pulse frequency ratio when gear rotation is adjusted to media flow. A bypass (5) ensures zero pressure difference (Δp=0) between inlet and outlet, preventing leakage flow through the gear meter. Flow changes instantaneously displace a zero-friction piston (4) in either direction. A piston position sensor (3) and a servo controller (9) provide a fast gear speed control loop keeping the piston centered.