Emission testing, simplified

AVL iGEM 2™ – Efficient Emission Test Automation

Our cutting-edge emission test execution and data procession tool

The automotive industry is facing increasingly tough global emission legislation, and markets around the world are demanding greater numbers of more sophisticated powertrain variants. This means that emission testing effort has grown dramatically.

Rising test volumes, driven by more and longer emissions cycles, demand that your testing infrastructure is optimized for maximum efficiency and productivity. Tackling this challenge requires the latest in cutting-edge test automation tools, and that’s why we have created AVL iGEM 2™.


Emission Testing, Simplified

iGEM 2 is an emission testing automation tool that is ideally suited to engine, powertrain, SORE and vehicle applications. It delivers high-quality data for certification testing and easily adaptable solutions for research and development. As a future-proof system, iGEM 2 supports the full range of electrification testing needs for vehicles, such as Hybrid, BEV and Fuel Cell applications.

At the heart of iGEM 2 are a series of features that make it a must for your testing toolchain. Pre-configured, AVL-certified legal cycles, intelligent device controls and a modular library concept that allows easy customization. You can adapt these to create new applications, and our unique graphical test cycle editors let you create applications in a safe design environment without programming skills.

Using state-of-the-art algorithms, the system can automatically adjust result calculations and reports to suit different legislations around the world. Moreover, test cycles and device configurations ensure compliance across all markets. iGEM 2 lets you conduct optimized parallel device operation with no load times between tests and intelligent diagnostics. This allows you to undertake a greater number of valid tests during testbed operation, which is further supported by a guided configuration and data validation process.

Automated formula documentation provides full transparency for iGEM’s protected, version-controlled formulas. For full flexibility, users can always edit and create additional formulas. With a click they can revert back to the protected original formula when needed. This combination of functionality and usability greatly enhances your ability to optimize your test capabilities while reducing effort and cost.


Part of AVL Team SUITE™

We have based iGEM 2 on the platform of AVL PUMA 2™ and AVL CONCERTO 5™. These provide test execution and data processing functionalities, along with a wide range of features that provide exceptional testing capabilities.

This comprehensive solution ensures that you are provided with everything you need to optimize your testing potential. Such as:

  • Traceability of all data and results
  • Test execution status control
  • Graphical workflow support
  • Extensibility, thanks to the iGEM 2 API
  • Low maintenance effort

With AVL iGEM 2 in your toolchain, you’ll be able to increase test quality, reduce mistakes, and optimize test cell throughput and management. All in an easy-to-use, user-centric package.