The COMPACT solution for engine test automation & control


AVL BOBCAT™ is an affordable and integrated engine testing automation system from AVL's COMPACT product line for both existing and new test cell layouts.

AVL Approach

With AVL BOBCAT™ the user is entering an "open highway" to a future of expanding test solutions and outstanding AVL services which will fit both current and future needs.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Intuitive modular structure for creating test cell, engine and test run definition and procedure configuration
  • User-friendly experience driven by aesthetic display pages and graphical drag-and-drop test set-up
  • Quick operation that allows test runs to be defined and reused easier and initiated faster


  • Digital Dynamometer & Engine Controller provides excellent torque and speed control
  • Proven interfaces to hydraulic, eddy current and AC dynamometers are available
  • Interfaces to most common measuring devices for engine testing can be easily established

Technical Data

Operating system Windows XP or Windows 7
Realtime operating system INtime
Modes of operation Manual and automatic
Channels types Analog IO, digital IO, temperature, formula, filters, PID, limits, custom and dependent
Channel frequencies 1, 10, and 100 Hz (1kHz for F-FEM CON channels)
Calibration history History maintained, trace maintained
Limit monitoring types Testcell limit (monitored either in testcell load or engine loaded states), engine limit and group (monitored when engine has started)
Limit monitoring reactions Low and high warnings and alarms; SoftStop, HardStop, Message, Idle and Exception on alarms.
Filters types Cut-off frequency, Integrator, Value changed/not changed, moving average, invalid value and minimum/maximum/range
Maximum number of channels 4750
Maximum number of PID channels 10
Maximum number of testcell limit Channels 128
Maximum number of active recorders 3 concurrently activated recorders and 1 blackbox recorder
Recording frequencies 1, 10, 100 Hz (1kHz for F-FEM CON channels)
Maximum number of CAN ports 8 (4 for each CAN card)
Test result data Export data as CSV and ATF, or upload to Santorin database
EMCON Control modes Speed/Position, Torque/Position, Speed/Torque, Torque/Speed, Dyno/Speed, Speed/Aux, Torque/Aux, Torque function of Speed/Position
Supported Dynamometers Eddy current
Hydraulic (water brake)
Motoring dyno (AC or DC)
Bi-directional motor controller, i.e. Spintron. Motoring dynos are supported on a case by case base.
Peripheral Devices AVL DiGas 1000, AVL 733S, AVL 735, AVL 753C, AVL 415, AVL 439, AVL 442, AVL 483, PEUS CFO, HMT 333, PTU 300, CVS, Simplex_LB, FMU3G, Agilent, EBH, Emissions Benches, CAS/ACAP, SPC, CAN, ASAP3, CUTY, IndiCom