Powering success

AVL Battery TS™ End Of Line

Ensuring quality and safety in battery testing

As the powertrain has become increasingly electrified, the importance of the battery has grown. Furthermore, the demands placed on this key vehicle component have also risen dramatically.

To ensure that batteries deliver optimal performance over the longest lifespan while meeting strict safety standards, we have developed AVL Battery TSTM End Of Line. From modules to battery packs, Battery TS End Of Line allows battery testing to be conducted in production. This includes Conformity of Product (CoP) and Quality Assurance testing.

Meeting the Highest Standards

In order to meet the demands of OEMs and their customers, batteries must match performance with durability. Assembly quality must be high in all areas, including the cooling system, battery pack housing, module coupling, battery management system and HV voltage connectors.

Battery TS End of Line ensures integration, compatibility and compliance with the highest automotive standards, such ISO 6469-3, IEC60664, and LV123. Based on AVL’s exhaustive R&D experience, we have developed an EOL solution that optimizes the test cycle, reducing cycle times and costs.

Highly reliable, incredibly efficient, Battery TS End of Line is accurate and robust. Additionally, its versatility ensures it can benefit every battery application.


Why Partner with AVL?

This innovative and reliable tool is the culmination of years of experience. It facilitates smart failure analysis, production data analysis and offers automation features for ease-of-use.

Safety, functionality and performance tests are possible, and an open architecture enables integration of equipment in third party assembly lines. A failure-proof concept guarantees reliability and delivers peace-of-mind.

Combined with our global network of experts and infrastructure, we can optimize our systems to meet your unique needs and development methodology. Additionally, our local customer service teams can offer training, servicing, troubleshooting and maintenance to ensure return on investment.