Simulate your hight if too difficult to test

AVL Altitude Simulator™

High efficient and reproduceable altitude simulation on any testbed

Ensuring a dynamic engine emission development and calibration at high altitude is a big challenge. A limited number of altitude chambers puts each project schedule at risk, and to construct a new one not only takes a considerable amount of time but is also very expensive.

This is where the AVL Altitude Simulator comes into play. It offers a cost-effective and reproducible altitude simulation on any testbed with a real engine.

The Benefits of the AVL Altitude Simulator™​​​​​​​

  • Uninterrupted simulation of altitude profiles with the highest development efficiency and at all pressure conditions – even when changing from negative to positive pressure
  • Ensures short development time thanks to AVL’s patented dynamic bypass control concept with best and well-proven repeatability
  • Offers broad dynamic testing for optimized engine calibration and mapping, even in areas which are difficult in real driving tests