Calibrate beyond limits

AVL Virtual Testbed™

Simplifying test complexity in the computer

As vehicle diversity increases and more stringent emission legislations must be met, development and testing effort and complexity increase with it. To calibrate and validate the growing range of powertrain and vehicle configurations, ensure performance, and meet emissions and vehicle standards, new testing solutions are needed.

That’s why we have developed the AVL Virtual Testbed™. This collection of software tools complements your existing physical testing infrastructure and draws on a vast virtual testing database of maneuvers and test results. This enables you to precisely conduct testing in the computer that previously would have only been possible in the lab or on the road. Furthermore, it allows these tests to be conducted accurately, with increased repeatability, and in much greater numbers.

Beyond Conventional Limits

The Virtual Testbed not only saves time and money but enables testing in extreme circumstances that were previously only available in certain geographic locations. Altitude, temperature, even humidity and precipitation, become testing conditions that can be repeated precisely to ensure consistent results. This means testing activity is no longer at the mercy of the weather. Furthermore, the test environment can now come to you.

Combining the Real and the Virtual

The true power of the Virtual Testbed lies in its capability for both virtual and hardware testing. A Hardware-in-the-Loop test system, it allows real components to be tested with different powertrain configurations for the frontloading of development and validation.

With comprehensive and secure centralized data management tools, test automation and seamless integration with third party systems, it is a series of tools focused on users and results. Managing complexity, reducing development time and effort, and cutting costs, AVL Virtual Testbed is a turnkey solution to the challenges of automotive calibration and validation.

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Powerful Tools

AVL Virtual Testbed is made up of a selection of our proven and trusted products and tools. When combined with your own testing infrastructure, it becomes tailored to your needs.

  • AVL CRUISETM M and MOBEO Modules
  • AVL PUMA Open™ and AVL CAMEO™