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Handle complex calibration projects


Calibration data management

AVL CRETA 5™ is a calibration data lifecycle management system designed for the calibration of all vehicle control units. It supports and facilitates your agile calibration process by helping engineers perform their tasks faster and more efficiently.

Support Your Agile Calibration Process

Agile development processes have become a fundamental element in the automotive industry over the last few years, reaching into xCU development and calibration teams. Working with agile methods increases flexibility and allows you to recognize errors at the earliest stage possible.

Smooth Calibration Process

One of the main challenges in calibration data management is mastering the large number of variants in the calibration process. We have been the market leader for many years now, developing CRETA 5 for applications ranging from ADAS to chassis and powertrain. It guarantees a smooth calibration process across corporate borders and saves both money and time by avoiding repetitive testing. In the new version of AVL CRETA 5 we introduce 3 new features. These will help you achieve your development goals faster than before:

Smart Software Change

AVL CRETA 5 supports the calibration manager in the saving of time in assigning new parameters to new engineers. It also reduces their work effort when transferring calibration values from one software to another, using smart algorithms that automatically suggest and recommend relevant values.

Compare and Edit

CRETA 5 features a new environment for comparison and editing. This enables every calibration engineer to perform quick comparisons, fast corrections of errors and simple desktop calibration for parameters where ECU access is unnecessary.

Calibration Review Process

Shorter cycles and increased releases also need new levels of control. Therefore, we have introduced the calibration review process. It protects the most critical calibration areas by defining a review team that enforces checks whenever any predefined rule is violated. This ensures robust and fast calibration releases.

CRETA 5 allows the central storage, conflict-free merging and documentation of calibration datasets. With our integrated reporting mechanisms, you can easily track and monitor both the quality and the process of entire series projects.

Further benefits include:

  • Worldwide collaboration and data exchange between team members, partners, suppliers and customers
  • Traceable integration of xCU parameters throughout projects
  • Quick pre-calibration of initial datasets and reuse of data
  • Advanced data-mining algorithms
  • Proud member of the AVL Team SUITE™