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Fuel Cell Operating Strategy Optimization

Virtual tools to ensure the performance lifespan and safe operation of your fuel cell

Fuel cells are complex systems. For their safe operation it is important to consider the interaction of a large number of operating parameters and external conditions, such as power demand, system temperature, humidity and temperature. Optimizing the operating strategy of a fuel cell stack is vital to avoid degradation and maximize durability.

To reduce the relative cost of the fuel cell without compromising its durability and lifespan, it is important to find the optimum power output. However, hardware prototypes are limited in their availability, and using real hardware to optimize the operating strategy is expensive. It’s clear that a virtual approach is required – and with MOBEO that’s just what we’ve created.

In particular, our end-to-end solution allows you optimize the fuel cell operating strategy across all the relevant testing environments.

In the Office

Right at the start of the development process, you can use MOBEO to create performance models in the office environment, to conduct initial optimizations of the operating strategy. With its high-fidelity models and optimization tools you can rely on its high level of automation to get the best results possible from the very beginning.

In the Virtual Lab

Later in the development process, when real control become available, MOBEO supports you in the use of a virtual calibration environment such as AVL Virtual Testbed™. At this stage, these tools act like a stepping-stone, enabling the smooth transition to the final validation of the operating strategy on real hardware.

At this stage, one of the main advantages of using a virtual approach in combination with real controls is that you can explore the condition of the fuel cell under all circumstances. Our tools allow you to simulate all factors, including states of degradation and temperature, to optimize and validate different operating strategies for all conditions. And this can be achieved without any conditioning time.

In the Lab

With MOBEO you can access out-of-the-box simulation models which require minimal parameterization to create highly sophisticated simulations. This allows you to simulate incredibly realistic fuel cell operation models and integrate them into hardware tests on the testbed.

Furthermore, you can easily integrate real time and non-real time simulation models to further enhance the testing capabilities of your co-simulation activities. This allows you to, for example, simulate a complete thermal network and consider it as part of your operating strategy optimization.

Stand out From the Crowd

Fuel cell experts have designed our MOBEO approach to be the only end-to-end solution to specifically support the development of fuel cells from the concept stage right up to SOP. When you use it in combination with AVL CRUISE™ M it allows you to model fuel cells up to system level, ensuring high model quality at every development phase, until real time implementation for calibration purposes.

With this unique offering, we are helping you develop robust operating strategies that ensure your fuel cell is the best in its class.