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TEST: Make Your Racing Vision a Reality

From combustion events within the engine to the performance of individual components, systems or even the entire vehicle, our testing capabilities cover it all. Our portfolio of testing solutions enable you to verify and validate your designs and ensure a winning strategy. Whether its our racing testbeds, our unique gallium orthophosphate combustion sensors or our testing services, we can get you to the chequered flag faster.

Find out how we can help you take your vehicle, your team and your results to the next level.


Electrified as well as conventional powertrain technologies are becoming commonplaces on the roads. Electrified powertrains are now finding their way onto the racetrack too. Championships such as FIA Formula E are challenging teams to push e-mobility technology to its limits.

At the heart of any vehicle is the power unit. This usually consists of a variety of components – such as conventional parts like a combustion engine, gearbox and clutch. Conversely the electrified powertrain consists of a battery, inverter and e-motor – packaged into a single unit. Power units regardless of technology are extremely complex and are expected to deliver the highest levels of performance with maximum efficiency, and therefore require rigorous testing.

​​​​​​​High Demands for High Performance

​​​​​​​Power units must be structurally strong, made from materials that can withstand extreme driving scenarios. Thermodynamically robust and efficiently designed, they can form parts of conventional, hybrid and pure electric powertrains.

​​​​​​​At AVL RACING we test complete units, subsystems and even individual components to ensure the best performance of the system and all of its parts. Our competence in this area includes the battery, e-motor, inverter, transmission, differentials, brakes, wheel-bearings, control units, right up to the entire vehicle.

​​​​​​​Ensuring Quality

​​​​​​​We subject the unit to a range of durability, performance and efficiency tests. These tests are carried out in a way that replicates real driving scenarios with maximum realism, and are done in a manner that ensures repeatability and reproducibility.

​​​​​​​At AVL RACING we conduct our tests with the power units using state of the art equipment. This could include component tilting, advanced simulation models, a driver simulator, artificial intelligence, as well as analytic functions for an enhanced usage of the testbed.

The AVL RACING power unit testing competence is ideal for all currently available types of power units and future technologies including fuel cells. AVL RACING delivers a flexible, detailed and rigorous process to motorsport teams around the world. This guarantees confidence, backed up by AVL’s seven decades of automotive experience. All of our services have a foundation of excellence and experience that is unsurpassable.


In all motorsport applications it is vital that each component can be relied upon as much as the complete vehicle. To ensure the best performance, therefore, thorough component testing is required to deliver the best results on race day.

Seeking Faults, Verifying Success

Any system is only as strong as its weakest link. At AVL RACING our component testing competence aims to find and optimize this element and ensure that each part lives up to expectations.

Whether it’s a module, piece of software or physical component, we isolate each part of the puzzle to thoroughly test and verify it. With this process, we explore its functionality in detail, structure and examine error handling protocols and interfaces. These steps build the basis of the first level of testing in our engine development activities.

Thorough Testing of Every Component

Our component testing activities look at every part of the vehicle, and subject components to conditions that replicate typical driving conditions with maximum realism. With a special focus on the chassis and performance-relevant components, our structured calibration and optimization approach ensures optimal repeatability and reproducibility.

Our component testing activities cover all parts of the powertrain. This includes:

  • Brakes
  • Shafts
  • Bearings
  • Full vehicle
  • Driver-in-the-loop
  • Oil Tank
  • Friction
  • Valvetrain
  • Single cylinder
  • Power unit components
  • Fuels and lubricants

High Dynamic Testing for Various Applications

The benefits of our component testing activities extend to a range of applications in racing development. These include optimizing performance and efficiency as well as durability. Further applications include batch testing, run-in, Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC), check out, lap simulation and COP. Ensuring that each part of the vehicle will deliver its best performance on race day results in the kind of confidence to reach for pole position. This is one of the reasons we are a chosen partner for the majority of race teams in the premium motorsport industry.


Our specialized AVL RACING testbed instruments are well known for their motorsport applications in the racing industry. These include tools for the measurement and optimization of fuel, lubricants, air, coolant, combustion, force and torque, as well as emissions and consumption.

Additionally, we build in-vehicle instrumentation for the monitoring of combustion, emissions, consumption, force and torque. Completing our comprehensive service offering, e-power measurement devices are also in our portfolio.

Among these solutions are the highly specialized sensors developed by our PIEZOCRYST division. PIEZOCRYST was founded in 2003 as a spin-off from AVL’s sensor activities. More than 50 years of experience were transferred into the new company to leverage our unique technological position in the area of automotive testbed sensors. Our unique gallium orthophosphate crystals form the basis of these unique and precise engine sensors, which serve a wide variety of purposes in vehicle development.

The piezoelectric sensors with the highest performance are ideally suited for the harshest, most demanding environments. Indeed, our incredibly small and accurate sensors are so robust they can be used deep inside the engine for the analysis of pressure events that other sensors cannot withstand. They can operate close to the knocking limit without breaking. Even in case of a very strong knock event, which could induce a crack into the measuring element, the sensors still produce an accurate signal.

Gaining the Competitive Edge

Our precision manufacturing capabilities allow us to create the world´s most reliable onboard racing sensor for cylinder pressure measurement and knock detection. Rated number one in robustness, lifespan and stability against deformations and vibrations, the GO15DK Gen. 2 sensor is used in F1 and other premium motorsport classes.

The sensor boasts flame protection and a special Double ShellTM design. This facilitates knock content monitoring without any distortion by other influences, giving you the best possible control of combustion in different racing or qualification modes.

Stability, Accuracy, Performance

Gallium orthophosphate crystals are perfect for innovative powertrain development applications because they are temperature stable. This means the pressure reading is unaffected by the temperature fluctuations of the engine. It can function effectively at up to 400 °C and pressures up to 1000 bar.

Occurring nowhere in nature, it takes our experts up to two years to grow each of these tiny crystals at our special facility in Austria. Of course, we are well prepared to serve RACING customers’ needs on a flexible and short-term basis.


The testbeds at our facility in Graz, Austria, and at our global test centers offer a variety of AVL RACING testing services. Our engineers are experienced in an array of testing projects from different premium series. Their know-how ensures a smooth and efficient workflow.

From Component to the Whole System

Our full vehicle testbeds fit the entire car on the dyno, allowing you to assess the performance of different vehicle systems and set-ups. For example, we can actuate the car’s brakes to conduct detailed brake torque balance investigations – in a range of different conditions. Our solutions for full vehicle and single corner brake testing facilitate detailed investigations, while our AI-based model enables you to accurately predict the brake torque. Broken down from the full vehicle the Unit-Under-Test (UUT) can also be one single component.

With our real-time vehicle simulation model (VSM) in-the-loop, testing is as realistic as possible. For example, the cooling system of our testbeds mimics real airflow in sync with vehicle speed for accurate cooling assessment.

Combining world-class low inertia dynamometers and dynamic vehicle simulation allows precise replication of issues found in real driving scenarios. With lots of measurement data available, problems can be investigated and solved in a highly controlled environment.

Our precise measuring equipment allows in-depth analysis for the comparison and evaluation of efficiencies and friction in gearboxes and powertrains. The systems enable the locking behavior of differentials to be characterized, delivering insights into the capabilities of your vehicle. We can help you transform from competitor to winner.

Combining the Real and the Simulated, 24/7

We are the only company that can connect the vehicle on the testbed to the driver in our advanced AVL RACING driving simulator. This allows a real driver to control the car, to optimize performance and reliability under real-driving scenarios. This is as close to driving on the real track as it gets, and all testing can be conducted around the clock if required.


At AVL RACING we offer advice and skills to ensure that the implementation and operation of the testbed is optimized for your unique circumstances and specifications. We do this seamlessly, adapting our solutions to your existing infrastructure.

Planning – Prepare for Success

Our management function can provide detailed plans to balance your needs with your resources. This includes establishing engineering goals and an appropriate development strategy to optimize testbed usage.

If you wish, you can completely hand over your project to our AVL RACING experts, who will complete it customized to your requirements – from start to finish. This means taking total responsibility for delivery dates, project scope, and the cost of testbed activities – and reducing your exposure to risk.

Repair and Maintenance – Ongoing Optimization

To prevent breakdowns and ensure testbed availability, a tailored service level agreement, called AVL CARE™, is ready for you. Working alongside regular system checks, it ensures operational excellence with consistent risk management. Moreover, a safeguarded testing operation with high responsiveness and flexible solutions, fast repair and maintenance for minimal service disruption can be guaranteed.

Within this agreement we can prepare maintenance schedules and a contract to deliver fast problem solving and service solutions. These dedicated CARE contracts are created around your unique workflow, toolchain, infrastructure, and development goals.

Test Field Operation – Our Skill On-Site

We can also run your test field for you, with our experts at your facility acting as a seamless extension of your own workforce. For an agreed period, AVL RACING engineers will run your testbed productively, with faster ramp up and knowledge transfer – and maximized ROI.

Efficiency and Smart Services – Support for Success

Behind all AVL RACING offerings is our Smart Services portfolio. It is comprised of digital solutions, which work with sensor technology systems, to give our customers a higher degree of competitiveness and efficiency. Combined with our testbed solutions they enable test laboratory management to achieve higher productivity in engine, powertrain and vehicle testing.

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