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AVL Drive Shaft System

Drive Shaft System

Drive shafts not only provide the connection between the unit under test and the dynamometer on stationary up to high dynamic test beds, they also influence the vibrational behavior of the entire system.

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AVL Approach

Increasing demands for quick and easy installation require drive shaft systems with standardized mounting interfaces and possibilities. According to size, scope and specific characteristics of the unit under test and teh respective test application, an optimal matching drive shaft system is available:

  • Elastic Cardan Shafts
  • Elastic CV Shafts
  • High Elastic Shafts
  • Cardan Shafts
  • CV-Joint Shafts
  • HD Elastic Cardan Shafts                         


The AVL Safety Cover protects staff and test bed equipment from unintentional contact with the rotating drive shaft and reduces the consequences in case of shaft breakages.

It consists of two pivot mounted halves, which are interlocked by a quick fastener. A safety switch verifies if the safety cover is closed properly which ensures that only in closed condition a start of the test run will be enabled.


Basically two standard sizes are available:

  • Safety cover LD for light-duty drive shaft applications.
  • Safety cover HD for heavy-duty drive shaft applications.

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Benefits at a Glance

  • Qualified engineering partners for complex drive shaft demands
  • Wide range of standardized drive shaft systems
  • Quick and easy installation