Cable Boom with Boom Box FEM open_TI_1.JPG

AVL Cable Boom

Cable Boom

The modular built cable boom for wall mounting, with integrated separate cable and air ducts, serves to mount the Boom Box FEM and other additional parts. The cable boom is pivotable to enable the ideal positioning of the measurement transducers in the unit under test area.

AVL Approach

A separation bar in the cable duct ensures the separated guidance of the measurement and control lines from the unit under test to the automation system without influencing the measurement data.

The Boom Box FEM is supplied with cooling air via the ventilation duct. The cooling air can be pinpointed inside the Boom Box FEM by means of lockable vent holes.

In special configurations an optional blower can be mounted at the wall bracket for cooling the FEMs.

Cable Boom

Benefits at a Glance

  • Easy positioning of the measurement transducers above the unit under test via swivel arm
  • Integrated air duct
  • Separated cable ducts for measurement and control lines