Support and Manage

Monitoring and Managing the entire Test Process

Support & Manage

Managing test field data as well as calibration data in planning, preparation and execution of test jobs and further processing of results is becoming more and more important within the automotive industry, foremost to be able to increase efficiency all over the development process.

AVL Approach

AVL offers optimized solutions to organize, monitor, manage and document the entire test process and is providing a consistent and interlinked data filing system for test orders across all test phases, so that the results from simulation, test-bed test and road test can be compared and assessed quickly and easily. Such a system can be employed across widely different areas, such as powertrain, chassis, passive safety and electronics. The highly efficient information chain from development to test facilities and the given support within, makes an important contribution to increase the efficiency of the overall development process.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Easy and workflow based tool operation
  • Reduction of time and costs for administrative activities
  • Reduction of non-productive times
  • Improved and simple access to test run and administrative information.
  • Comparable measurement data throughout the test facilities