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In-Vehicle Testing

AVL’s In-Vehicle Testing solution combines different tools and software into one easy-to-use solution

The automotive industry is rapidly changing. Responding to both new legislative requirements and evolving customer demands, the industry is continuously developing and improving propulsion and vehicle technologies, including electrification and ADAS

While these new technologies hold much promise for the future, they pose numerous challenges to the industry in the present. Since vehicles are becoming ever more complex, costs for prototype development continue to rise. The more data is used to support and enrich the operation of vehicles, the more the industry has to also take data security and data traceability into account. In-vehicle testing, with its need of a driver and co-driver, has always been expensive and time consuming, now more than ever.

Our Testing Methods Can Help

With AVL’s deep knowledge of in-vehicle testing and proven track record in various automotive domains, we can help you reduce the costs and time associated with your in-vehicle testing process. By centralizing testing data in a main hub – allowing you to trace and re-use it more efficiently – our In-Vehicle Testing solution removes the need for complex manual testing procedures.

Our innovative solution can improve your process management system, enabling you use your testing fleet more efficiently. Since software guides the drivers, our solution also removes the need for an expensive co-driver, which reduces your labor costs. Metadata is automatically generated and made instantly available, helping you minimize test variability and optimize your procedures on the fly. Our In-Vehicle Testing solution can be fully integrated into your current processes, allowing you to choose the tools you need to improve your testing procedures.

Key Features

  • Integrated planning, testing and data handling
  • Revision-proof processes
  • Maximized data security
  • Ensure efficiency for the whole fleet