Virtual Battery Development

Battery Lifetime and Aging Prediction

First and second life applications

The lifetime of lithium-ion batteries is a major challenge for the automotive industry today. As well as being a key component and the most expensive part of an electric vehicle, the battery also affects the range of a vehicle during its lifetime. Since these batteries are so significant, products often have special warranties for their battery systems.

Battery Aging

Over a battery’s lifetime, its aging affects the performance of a vehicle, particularly its energy storage and power output capabilities. This makes it essential to optimize the design of the battery along with operating and charging strategies to meet warranty conditions. Finding a balance between development time and costs, on the one hand, and product price and potential warranty claims, on the other, is critical.

While complex interactions between physical and chemical reactions drives the aging of the battery cell, both the end user’s driving behavior – their driving, charging and parking habits – and the environmental conditions in which they drive signifcantly influence the lifetime of an electric vehicle. Engineers should analyze battery aging in the early vehicle development phase, from the cell level via the module, to the vehicle level and during the vehicle in-use phase.

Optimize Battery Lifetime through Virtual Development

To help navigate these challenges, AVL designed a unique solution that supports engineers in optimizing a battery component’s aging and lifetime in a virtual environment. It offers you highly precise physical battery models to reproduce the complex processes in the cell. With the parametrized and validated cell models from Batemo integrated into our system simulation tool AVL CRUISE™ M, our comprehensive solution works for both the nonexpert and the battery specialist. Now, users can examine aging processes with physical models faster than in real time. This signifcantly reduces development time and increases result accuracy.

Based on the relationship between the various battery operation modes, usage profiles, missions, vehicle configurations and the associated damage due to age effects, our virtual solution gives you valuabe insights into battery development. It identifies critical and damaging operation modes, helping you enhance your operation and fast-charging strategies. This means you can optimize your design to let an aged cell be operated safely, which will prevent batteries from having to be replaced prematurely.

Key Benefits

  • Simulate battery aging with AVL eSUITE, from the concept phase to in-use operation and second life
  • Access Batemo cell library of electrochemical battery models of common cells available on the market (parametrized and validated)
  • Improve thermal management, operation and fast-charging strategies to maximize electric range and battery lifetime
  • Understand the origin and drivers of battery aging
  • Identify routes and operating conditions driving aging
  • Minimize battery aging tests