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AVL Scenario Designer

ADAS/AD scenario design and review

“I did in one hour what took me a full day before.”
ADAS/AD Test Preparation and Execution Engineer

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving (ADAS/AD) have become a force for innovation in the automotive industry. Introducing new technologies into the market is heavily dependent on the safety testing methodology, which is crucial for fulfilling legislative requirements and gaining customers’ trust.

The testing plan for even moderate assistance functions can easily end up in thousands of system and environment variants and millions of test kilometers that need to be driven to be able to verify system functions and validate safety features.

Advanced Virtualization Tools

The only way to master the complexity and the quantity of safety tests within a realistic time and cost frame is to introduce advanced virtualization tools and methods in both the test preparation and test execution phase.

Instead of driving arbitrary test kilometers – either in the virtual or the real world – in a full factorial combination of the influence parameters, we at AVL apply a scenario-based verification and validation toolchain which reduces the amount of the necessary tests to so-called “smart kilometers” by preserving or even extending the testing range.

In short, “scenario” is a description of how the environment, such as the traffic environment including the behavior of the participants changes in time, usually from a specific perspective, such as from an ego vehicle, but is independent of whether the environment is simulative, real, or combined. Our task in a scenario-based test process is to create a set of representative critical test scenarios which will ensure optimal test coverage while reducing the amount of virtual and physical testing.

Asking the Right Questions

But, how to create those critical scenarios? How to describe critical traffic situations (or import them from the test data) and turn them into logical scenarios with mutual dependencies between actors and events? How to parametrize the scenarios in a statistically significant manner to cover the expected realistic driving situations? How to make sure that the created scenarios make sense? How to verify the accuracy of the concrete scenarios during the design process? How to make sure the scenarios are adaptable, reusable and futureproof? How to ensure a seamless process from scenario creation to test execution in a collaborative environment?

Creating, parametrizing and managing test scenarios in a technically precise and reusable manner is a challenging exercise which requires a specialized tool suite.

Introducing the AVL Scenario DesignerTM

AVL Scenario DesignerTM is a software tool for an easy ADAS/AD test scenario design, editing, parametrization and verification. It is the first standalone tool to fully support ASAM OpenSCENARIO 1.0 standard with graphical modelling interface and on-the-fly scenario player.



Key Features:

  • Full coverage of ASAM OpenSCENARIO 1.0 data model and file formats for scenario creation, import, editing and export
  • Scenario data checker with error messaging
  • Import and interpret ASAM OpenDRIVE road network standard
  • Verify scenario correctness and accuracy with fast playback
  • Automatically zoom and export animated file formats
  • Find ideal routes with graphical editing possibility
  • Define mutual dependencies and recognize critical conditions (such as collisions)
  • Open for user-defined actions and objects stored in the catalogs
  • Parametrize actors, trajectories, events and other elements, create DoE schemes
  • Support test execution different virtual and real testing environments, such as the leading environment simulation tools, cloud, lab, in-vehicle testing on the proving ground, etc.
  • Access the tool remotely via scripting and virtual app
  • Organize your work in projects and store them in database with user management, versioning, search, comparison and other functions
  • Complete with integrated ADAS/AD test preparation tool suite AVL SCENIUSTM, along with AVL Test Case Generator and AVL Scenario Data Manager
  • Features several comprehensive examples and demo projects with road networks and basic scenario
  • Leading the way for further standard implementation within ASAM OpenSCENARIO 1.x and 2.0 working groups