Manufacturing solutions for premium motorsport organizations

AVL is the number one partner in precision manufacturing for premium motorsport teams, such as Formula 1, NASCAR, MotoGP, WEC and WRC. Fast reaction time, high quality of service, flexibility - all balanced with absolute customer confidentiality guarantees. 

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The Challenge

Being a qualified Tier 1 supplier also enables AVL to relentlessly oversee and manage all operations including, balancing, coating, plating, heat treatment, eroding and more. AVL strives the philosophy of transparency being key. AVL excels in the production of numerous key components for the most successful motorsport organizations in the world earning multiple championships annually.

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The AVL Solution

AVL's internal abilities to perform hard turning / milling, 3D profile grinding and super-finishing are just a couple examples of what puts AVL in the lead. Additional services include heat treatment, optical measurement grinding, 5 axis milling, coating, plating, eroding, super finishing, hard turning, polishing and rumbling. Expertise led to complex production in using materials such as light alloy, high strength steels, magnesium, MMC, titanium and more. In addition, offering support with material selection and profile creation are just further examples of how AVL can best serve their partners. 

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The Added Value

  • In house quality management
  • Versatile machine concepts
  • Fully air-conditioned production facility
  • Transparency is key - all customers’ questions and concerns need to be answered and addressed throughout the whole product lifecycle
  • Efficient, stable and confidential processes
  • Over 40 years’ experience in high precision manufacturing


 Among the typical components of our production are the following: 



•Cylinder blocks

•Cylinder heads

•Con rods

•E-Motor Housing

•Battery Covers

•Front/Rear Covers

•Intake/Exhaust Manifolds

•Balance shafts


•Powertrain Components

•Suspension Components

•Chassis Components


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