Pressure sensor for exhaust system analysis

Sensor LP22DA-10

The industry benchmark for low-pressure exhaust system analysis

The AVL sensor LP22DA-10 is designed to measure the absolute pressure in the exhaust manifold of combustion engines. Built to operate in engines with only minimal space, this low-pressure indicating sensor measures static and dynamic pressure variations.

This M8-size, water-cooled piezoresistive sensor is available with a pressure range of 10 bar. Equipped with an integrated amplifier that features digital thermal compensation, it is suitable for a range of applications. These include activities such as gas-exchange analysis, precise friction analysis or turbocharger development.
The integrated water cooling system enables the sensor to be mounted into very narrow spaces within the exhaust manifold. Sensitive and robust, it offers a long lifetime of accuracy and reliability.

Scope of Supply

  • Sensor LP22DA-10 with cable and integrated amplifier
  • Gasket SG45
  • 7-pin connector
  • Protection cap
  • Calibration sheet
  • Documentation

Article Number

  • TIEZ1821A.01