Load system with foot-mounted permanent magnet dynamometers

AVL DynoULTRA™ for Engine Testing

High-performance testing with maximal measurement accuracy

The wide variety of modern engines demand dynamometers that are equipped with precise measurement devices while boasting high technological quality and maximum reliability. AVL dynamometers meet these requirements in an optimal way.

Expertise You Can Rely On

To tackle the increasing complexity of engine systems, new emissions legislation and to reduce development time and cost, we have created the AVL DynoULTRA™. The DynoULTRA series for engine testing offers powerful synchronous engines and power cabinets to facilitate the highest dynamic torque and speed-controlled operations. These powerful tools are built on a foundation of long-term design experience and have been perfected using the valuable feedback from the most demanding customers.


Flexibility has become increasingly important in the world of engine testbeds. Various frame layouts enable us to supply you with the right solutions for every possible exhaust system. Beside trapeze and I-frame, the load systems are also available with a portal frame. When the original exhaust aftertreatment system is installed on the testbed, DynoULTRA will provide the best fit for the longitudinal combustion engine setup.

The innovative cooling concept of the DynoULTRA reduces the temperature impact on the torque flange. This, combined with the low shaft weight, results in reduced parasitic loads and the highest possible torque measurement accuracy.

It is the ideal platform for tackling challenging testing applications in the high-performance area. In addition, it still retains the “true-to-original” conditions of the Unit Under Test (UUT).

Why Partner With AVL?

Our state-of-the-art dynamometers are characterized by their strong nominal torque and overload capability. This paves the way to run legislative emission cycles, including Real Driving Emissions (RDE) calibration.

The frontloading of RDE testing allows the accumulation of crucial design findings in the early development stages. On top of this, the applications of the system include function tests on the engine testbed as well as real-time simulation of the powertrain and the vehicle.

Your advantages include:

  • Ultra-low inertia and highest speed gradients close to 100,000 rpm/s
  • Low temperature influence from the rotor guaranteeing high torque measurement accuracy
  • Frame portfolio that allows the use of the original vehicle exhaust system