Develop and Tune Vehicle Intelligence

Controls and Electronics

Today's vehicles and machinery receive their embedded intelligence by implementing electronic control units. The most known one is the Engine Control Unit ECO or also known as Engine Management System EMS. However there is almost no part inside the vehicle which is not linked to a control unit or has its own control unit. Examples are transmission, engine, battery, driving dynamics, hybrid operating strategy – just to name a few.

AVL Approach

AVL has built a large competence not only in developing universal control units and functions software. AVL also has focused on creating tools and systems necessary to teach those control units.

  • Calibration of the ECU using an virtual engine
  • Calibration of vehicle dynamics with virtual vehicle

Benefits at a Glance

  • Powerful Software for Simulation of Vehicle and Powertrain
  • Open Integration of Driving Maneuver Simulation
  • Full Integration of Calibration Tool Chains like CAMEO