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Vehicle benchmarking in a competitive landscape of newly released vehicles

AVL Global Vehicle Benchmarking

A specific, distinctive vehicle attribute branding is essential to make cars unique and competitive. As a first step on the way, vehicle manufacturers have to benchmark their vehicles in the competitive environment in order to understand and to strengthen or improve the potential of their vehicles. AVL newly offers a comprehensive vehicle benchmarking analysis of the most important, recently released passenger cars. The objective assessment delivers an overview of results for ten main attributes in a competitive scatterbands of >150 vehicles.

AVL Solution

As a new service, AVL List GmbH offers comprehensive vehicle benchmarking analysis of  the most important passenger cars, newly released to the market. The benchmarking program delivers an  overview of results for all main attributes in the competitive landscape described by the AVL Scatterband.
The program consists of a total of 150 vehicles per year including  European, US, Japanese, Korean and Chinese market.

The vehicle benchmarking program considers 10 main attributes scoring up to  815 single criteria. The 10 main attribute are as follows:

  • Performance
  • Driveability
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Sound / NVH
  • RDE: CO2 / Real life fuel consumption
  • Pollutant emissions
  • Friction
  • Thermal, energy management
  • Vehicle dynamics, handling
  • Ride Comfort


Benefits at a Glance

Customer benefits:

  • Objective target definition and target tracking
  • Widely spread competitive comparison
  • Cost efficient  benchmarking


  • Information about best of class behavior
  • Development targets for new models
  • Basis for model revisions


Highlighting of strengths and weaknesses within the competitor scatter bands data.


  • Detailed technical Analysis and root cause analysis
  • Customized  test cycles (incl. customer exclusive reporting)
  • Testing of prototype vehicles (customer  exclusive)
  • Customer can provide test vehicles to receive cost compensation)
  • Drive competitor cars yourself at your site

Market Requirements

To know the competitor's behavior is essential for technical decisions during the development process. It allows to monitor the cost in order to reach best in class behavior or in general gives an indication for the target setting  for new products.