AVL Emission Test Systems for Vehicle Emission Testing

Emission, fuel economy and greenhouse gas test solutions for passenger cars and light duty vehicles on a chassis dynamometer according to European, American and Japanese emission regulations.

AVL Approach

AVL Vehicle Emission Test Solutions are a seamless integration of all devices, systems and infrastructure. The automation system AVL iGEM Vehicle competently manages different engineering tasks and worldwide emission legislation tests. Optimized standard and customer tailored solutions are available.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Compliance to challenging emission regulations like US EPA 40 CFR part 1066 and Euro 6
  • Fully automated and highly efficient operation
  • Highest accuracy, robustness and quality using iGeneration Series II emission systems
  • Ready for all R&D tasks and prepared for future challenges

Technical Data

Supported engine types:

  • Compressed Ignition (CI) and Spark Ignition (SI) engines as well as hybrid electric vehicles (HEV/PHEV)
  • Power range: up to 200KW per axle
  • Fuel type and properties: Diesel and gasoline fuels/biofuels and blends; CNG, LPG; hydrogen

Supported certification emission regulations:

  • ECE regulation No. 83
  • Euro 6c (GTR No. 15)
  • US TIER/LEV standards (EPA 40 CFR part 86)
  • US TIER/LEV III (EPA 40 CFR part 1066)
  • Japanese regulation (post new long-term regulations)

System Scope

Automation and Control

AVL iGEM Vehicle emission automation for vehicle testing includes all necessary procedures, calculations and reports for worldwide legislation certification tests as well as for R&D testing, such as modal raw gas measurement.

Load system (chassis dynamometer)

A 2WD or 4WD chassis dynamometer simulates the road load for the vehicle. A blower simulates the wind speed and provides proper cooling to the vehicle during the driving cycle.

Other measurement and diagnostic devices

Solutions also include a suitable range of sensors and transmitters for temperature,- pressure and humidity measurement. A µg balance with a clean workbench and necessary conditioning provides the filter weighing possibility.

Exhaust emission measurement 

Diluted exhaust gas sampling and analysis exhaust emission measuring systems, particulate mass sampling and particle counting systems as well as opacity smoke measuring devices are considered.

Test room Conditioning

Test room conditioning systems from conditioning units up to full climatic controlled chambers can be supplied to keep the testbed room and engine intake air within the specific tolerances to ensure repeatable testing conditions.

System integration and start-up service

The Customer is assisted by AVL's professional project services from project kick-off up to final acceptance with start-up support.