AVl Dyno Wheel

Load system with foot-mounted permanent magnet dynamometers

AVL DynoULTRA™ PMM for Powertrain Testing

Get the most out of your powertrain

The AVL DynoULTRA™ PMM for Powertrain Testing brings activities that are usually conducted on the road into the testbed. Enabling the frontloading of a wide variety of different activities, it reduces the development effort, cuts costs and saves time.

The DynoULTRA PMM for Powertrain Testing has been developed especially for dynamic maneuvers with high acceleration rates. This includes activities such as driving on roads with low friction, changing road conditions or race starts. Vehicle dynamics modelling for events such as wheel-slip are achieved by aligning oscillation behavior, the powertrain testbed’s peak torque, and road tests.

A Variety of Applications

Powertrain calibration, concept verification and system validation can all be performed with high reproducibility early in development, without a prototype vehicle. With the inertia of the load system closely matching wheel inertia, the replication of the acceleration rates of a wheel on ice is possible.

In addition, fast and accurate torque control ensures a perfect correlation between load and acceleration. Enabling the simulation of dynamic vehicle parameters, the DynoULTRA PMM delivers versatility at every stage of development – from concept to SoP.

Furthermore, the system features a highly robust special bearing concept. This enables maximum availability, relaxed availability, and a long lifetime for reduced lifetime costs.

Highlights include:

  • High acceleration rate
  • Fast and accurate torque control
  • High repeatability and reproducibility of driving maneuvers