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Load System with Foot-Mounted Permanent Magnet Dynamometers

AVL DynoULTRA™ PMM for E-Drive Testing

The pressure to shorten development time and decrease the complexity of testing is escalating, as is the demand on test cells and dynamometers. Dynamometers are the main element in a test cell. They are the components exposed to the hardest working conditions.

The AVL DynoULTRA™ is an e-drive development tool specially designed to satisfy today’s and tomorrow’s testing needs. It meets the strong requirement for high performance and speed, while keeping the focus on reliability and robustness.

By keeping the mechanical elements largely identical, our modular approach allows you to use different dynamometer performance classes. This reduces the number of testbed versions and increases adaptability. Additionally, the integrated, high-precision torque and speed measuring instruments in the DynoULTRA™ load system help you to tackle critical performance areas in the development of e-drives.

This AVL e-drive solution is a synchronous permanent magnet dynamometer driven by a 4Q-frequency high-performance converter. It serves as the basis for the complete development, testing, verification and validation environment for electric drives. Thanks to the excellent electrical and mechanical properties of the dynamometer as well as the fast control capabilities of the converter, performing realistic testing tasks and load alternations of current and future Units Under Test (UUT) has never been so easy.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Maximum robustness thanks to a bearing design that permits endurance tests at maximum speed
  • Robust and modular testbed design for operation at maximum performance and lowest vibrations
  • Best synchronous motor efficiency with lowest mains distortion thanks to the latest state-of-the-art IGBT technology
  • Includes the fully integrated water-cooling unit ConsysCool Dyno 30, which has a broad operating range for efficient and reliable machine cooling.