AVL Dyno Prime 1

Load system with foot-mounted permanent magnet dynamometers

AVL DynoULTRA™ PMM for Drivetrain Testing

This Series is designed to replace a combustion engine on gearbox and powertrain test stands. The mass inertia of the dynamometer is close to the inertia range of combustion engines.

AVL Approach

The AVL DynoULTRA™ PMM for Drivetrain Testing is a synchronous motor with high nominal torque (larger than ICE) plus additional overload torque capability for simulation of speed oscillations. The specially designed dyno housing allows the substitution of the combustion engine for direct gearbox testing.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Inertia similar to a combustion engine
  • High flexibility in the parameterization of various characteristics of engines
  • Based on the high overdrive ability the machine is able to be designed on base load and not on peak loads in the ICE emulation.


The AVL DynoULTRA™ PMM for Drivetrain Testing converter can be easily combined with converters of AVL DynoFORCE™ ASM for Powertrain Testing and AVL DynoULTRA™ PMM for Powertrain Testing dynamometers because of their identical interfaces and dynamics.

This provides on one hand highly cost efficient systems and on the other hand the possibility to simulate the real vehicle behavior. The dynamometers are water jacket-cooled and supplemented by a closed air-cooling loop for the rotor. This special cooling method results in a low dyno noise level, which is advantageous for noise measurements