AVL Dyno Train

Load system with foot-mounted AC induction dynamometers

AVL DynoFORCE™ ASM for Powertrain Testing

Get the most out of your powertrain

Developed especially for use in powertrain and transmission testbeds, the AVL DynoFORCE™ ASM is a flexible and robust development tool. It features a modular design to enable different use cases, such as mechanical development, functional xEV powertrain development, emission development (RDE) and NVH testing.

Robust, Versatile, Easy-to-Use

The DynoFORCE system enables many time and cost-saving activities on the testbed, such as the frontloading of various driving maneuvers to aid concept development. Its ease of servicing and long lifetime can further reduce cost of ownership.

While the system’s overload capabilities facilitate extended power and torque peak tests, its flexibility enables compatibility with a wide range of torque sensors and equipment. When combined with an AVL converter, it can be used in creep mode and stop/start application with a high control accuracy at low speed. This is mandatory for xEV development and beneficial in powertrain testing.

State-of-the-Art Dynamometer Technology

Designed to be flexible and modular – and covering a range of motors and inverters – it features a common intermediate circuit for multiple dynamometer configurations. Pairing the system with DynoULTRA™ PMM for drivetrain testing enables energy to “run in a loop”, while the grid caters for any energy losses.

This rugged and versatile AVL testbed solution meets the demands of modern high-performance engines. Furthermore, it is compatible with the latest high-precision measuring devices.

Key benefits include:

  • Robust, service-oriented design
  • Large variety of asynchronous motors for a wide choice of speed and torque ranges
  • Modular multi-dyno system tailored to your needs