The AVL Headquarters.

Mission and Vision

AVL Purchasing acts as an interface between the AVL internal order fulfillment process and our suppliers.


To meet the high expectations of our customers for world class products and processes, AVL purchasing is committed to efficiently acquiring goods and services at the most competitive supply chain cost, with the highest quality and at optimal delivery conditions in accordance with the TCO (total cost of ownership) consideration.

Therefore, AVL purchasing pursues targets to successfully enable a seamless process execution from our suppliers to AVL's internal processes.

We are working on

  • Our professional expertise to establish commercial relationship with suppliers
  • A close and early time cooperation with our internal clients - product managers, technicians and quality engineers
  • Supporting engineering in selecting the right suppliers with the highest quality at the most competitive pricing
  • A competitive supplier base and its continuous development
  • Assessing supplier performance regularly to ensure that the best products and services are provided to AVL on time
  • A permanent awareness of supplier markets to react to changing market demands
  • Driving quality excellence by encouraging high quality performance by suppliers, communicating clear expectations and insuring compliance with environment protecting standards (i.e. ISO14001) and quality standards (i.e.: ISO900x)

Our strategic competitive advantages are generated by:

  • Early involvement in product development and order fulfillment for customer projects
  • Reliable delivery time
  • High and reliable quality
  • Price/commercial issues
  • Efficient customer service support

Our operative responsibilities cover aspects such as on-time deliveries with correct quantities, high product availability, giving feedback and covering claim management in case of deviations to our suppliers.


  • Focus on early involvement within entire supply chain
  • Work for reliable solutions
  • Continuously develop and improve supplier cooperation
  • Proactive in insuring high quality products
  • Value process oriented thinking
  • Grow eProcurement processes