Accurate and modular

AVL ConsysLube

Keep oil temperature and pressure under control

With AVL ConsysLube you can maintain oil temperature and oil pressure at a precise, definable level. And thanks to its integrated electric heating system, it can preheat the oil quickly as well as safely. Furthermore, it optimizes control accuracy in dynamic operation. ConsysLube is suitable for internal combustion engines, gearboxes and oil-cooled e-drive components.

Why AVL ConsysLube?

A range of connection types and device options enable you to connect ConsysLube to the oil sump and avoid any negative impact on the Unit-Under-Test’s (UTTs) oil circuit. You can also control the temperature even when the UUT is not in use. Moreover, you can connect the oil pressure circuit to control the pressure and temperature of the UUT’s oil supply – both in steady-state and dynamic operation.

ConsysLube is perfect for engines up to 400 kW, with customized solutions for bigger engines available. Several connection modes and unit options allow different applications like oil pan conditioning, oil pressure control and pre-heating. ConsysLube is also ideal for oil conditioning on gearboxes.

AVL ConsysLube can be installed in engine test cells, on single-cylinder research engines and gearbox test cells. Beside the standard temperature range, we also offer modified units for climatic chambers that can simulate extreme temperatures from -40 °C to +130 °C.


Key Benefits

  • High control accuracy
  • Easy configuration thanks to its modular design
  • Quick control response due to a primary controlled media circuit
  • Various integration possibilities into the engine oil circuit (sump conditioning, pressurized oil conditioning)